The meeting of the bishops opens up to the city

Trento piazza duomo

The meeting “A charism at the service of the Church and of mankind, a hundred years after the birth of the blessed Chiara Lubich”, with the gathering of 5 cardinals and 123 bishops friends of the Focolare Movement in Cadine on the 8th and 9th of February, will be open to the public in two moments.

The first one is the theatrical reenactment "So we soar to the stars - From the Council of Trento to Tridentine Chiara", inspired to the original texts of the Council of Trento, Saturday 8th at 5.15 pm. Actors Giacomo Anderle, Alessio Kogoj and Marta Lorenzato will lead the public in an artistic journey at the discovery of the Council, of the vocation of Trento as a city of dialogue, and of the meaning of this history and vocation in the present times. The vocal group Laurence Feininger (Roberto Gianotti, Marco Gozzi and Salvatore de Salvo) and Stefano Rattini at the organ will provide an evocative musical accompaniment, with pieces inspired to the cultural atmosphere of the 16th century; featuring also "Trivium", a composition for organ by the 19th-centuury Estonian musician Arvo Pärt. The reenactment is directed by Fernando Muraca, with the collaboration of Beatrice Ballarini and Simonetta Bungaro.

On Sunday 9th at 10am cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak, archbishop of Bangkok (Thailand) and coordinator of the congress, will preside the concelebration of the Holy Mass in the Duomo of Trento. The mass will be broadcast live on TV2000 and on this website.