On Saturday 25th January “Trento meets Chiara” at the presence of the President of the Republic


In the context of the celebrations for the birth of Chiara Lubich, on Saturday 25th of January president Sergio Mattarella will take part to the event "Trento meets Chiara" at the Centro Mariapoli in Cadine.

Alongside with the speeches of the authorities - among which the President of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce - people from all over the world will share their experience on how Chiara and her charism were inspiration for them in their personal and social action: Lawrence Chong from Singapore and Stanislaw Lencz from Slovakia, enterpreneurs; Amy Uelman, lawyer and professor from the USA; João Braz de Aviz, cardinal, from Brazil; Arthur Ngoy and Florance Mwanabute, doctors, from the Democratic Republic of Congo; Alberto Pacher, former mayor of Trento; and many others.

The event will start at 4 pm and finish around 5.30 pm. Acess to the Marilen Room, the location of the event inside the Centro Mariapoli, is restricted (invitation only) due to organisational and security reasons. However, the event will be broadcast live in the Athenagoras Room in the Centro Mariapoli, and in the Depero Room in the Palace of the Province in Piazza Dante: seats can be booked starting on Monday the 13th of January on www.centenariolubichtrento.it.

The event will also be broadcast on live stream on www.centenariolubichtrento.it and www.focolare.org